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Thread: Douglas Adams Audio Books

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    Looking for Douglas Adams AUDIO books too, but not the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, got those, but he wrote other books too before he sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

    starship atlantis is one, can't remember the others.

    but if you've got any of them, please let me know, ok?


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    Dirk Gently is his other "well-known" series.

    I have no idea if the BBC put them into radio or not.

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    Dirk Gently is definitely available as audio books. Unfortunately I cannot help with a sig, however I know that they were released as book on tape.

    H2G2 was released as books on tape, in addition to the radio series, again I don't have sigs.

    I just have the books, but they have been well posted. If you want them fast then hook up with QS on Soulseek.

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    Well that doesn't help me much now does it?

    Ah well, thanks anyway


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