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Thread: Top 10 Google Searches in 2006: Stars Are Blind, Borat!

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    Google updated its yearly top 10 searches, and surprises are only a few since last year: instead of Janet Jackson in 2005, now it’s Paris Hilton’s turn to be the “queen” of searches.

    Social networking gained momentum this year and this is also reflected in the searches made using Google’s engine: and are on the first and second place respectively. MySpace, who topped the list last year, remains very strong though, even before searches made concerning the World Soccer Cup.

    Searches for Hollywood male stars are dominated by Orlando Bloom and Sasha Cohen, the funny and sarcastic interpreter of Borat. Paris Hilton dominates not only the searches for female stars in general, but also the searches in the news this year.

    Just like in 2005, maintains it presence in the top 10, but falls two places: while last year it was ranked fourth, in 2006 Google says it’s on the sixth place.

    Of course, major events in the lives of Hollywood stars are most likely to attract Web surfers: Nicole Kidman’s wedding and TomKat’ Italian knot-tying were among the most searched items on Google. Since Paul McCartney’s divorce got so much attention from the media, it was normal to be the first most “looked-up” divorce on the Web, followed surprisingly by Travis Barker’s divorce. Britney’s separation from her hubby was ranked third, while Whitney Houston’s divorce from Bobby Brown came fourth.

    Paradoxically, in 2006, Internet users suddenly became interested in “where is Togo” and “where is Matt”, as these two are the most recurrent searches made in… geopolitics.

    While in 2005 the natural cataclysms dominated searches for “recent events” (like the disastrous December 2004 tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake and the Katrina hurricane), in 2006 it was the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal that conquered it all: three places out of the first five were accounted by searches concerning “duke scandal”.


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    Ah good old Goggle where we would be with out it ? Don't think I could help my little ones with " The homework " . Hey Daddy why is the sky blue ?

    I just noticed your name grchl3, and a few good posts , Nice one good on you bud . News should be shared !
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    Tell me about it, I don't think I could function without google at this point. Its become more and more indispensable through the years to the point where its become the filter through which I see the internet.

    And thanks for compliment peat moss. I appreciate it.


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