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Thread: New. How fast should Azureus be downloading.

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    I have just worked out how to use bittorents. Super dumb with computers. I have a Mac OSX 10.4 G4 867 MHZ 256 RAM. 1500k ADSL with TPG. For what it's worth.

    Now I'm mainly using Azureus for music. How quick should I be downloading. I'm getting between 10 kb/s to 40 kb/s?


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    well, it doesn't depend on your computer specs (or your torrent program), but from your internet connection. you've said that you have 1500 kb/s, right? this means that you can have MAX download of around 187,5 kB/s (kilobytes per second), but if there are not many seeders (+leechers) on your particular torrent, you won't get that MAX speed.

    Also, don't forget that p2p community is about leeching AND seeding, so keep that in mind

    BTW, welcome!

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    Cheers thanks mate.

    Well I don't get anywhere near that. Sometimes, rarely, it goes over 50 kb/s.

    I suppose that will have to do.



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