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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Sp1 Included

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    k i installed xp corp pro sp1 and works great, but i checked for updates and their is 20
    critical updates to get so i updated them with no problems @ all, now my computer is constanly refreshing
    taskbar and icons, click on something it will pause for a min then restart the taskbar and programs dissapear
    so i no its something to do with 1 of the updates and was wondering if any1 new what 1 to unistall or any
    1 else having these problems. it can happen @ time and on any program or file that i try to open.


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    I had similar problems with an installation of XP pro. Make sure you restart your computer after you install updates; particularly before you install anything else.

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    the only things i've installed when i 1st do a fresh install is

    1.Drivers (sound card, graphics card)
    2.Norton Antvirus coporate edtion
    3.Zone Alarm latest version

    then updated it with critical updates from MS

    and when you get the updates your computer has to be restarted.

    i no its one of those fooking updates thats doing it i just need to no what 1.

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    surely some 1 has got xp installed and got updates.

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    hi there !
    one thing that happened to me after installing critical updates was a slow down of the computer. some programmes take about 20 seconds to open. every one on the internet has been complaining and they have isolated patch Q811493.
    we have uninstalled that patch(add/remove) Microsoft is currently working on a patch to fix the "slow down"
    hoping this helps

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    yeh thx m8t

    yeh i noticed that to with internet exploer loading up it was slower than normal but my problem
    is it just restarts when i click on say my computer it can be any file or folder
    something to do with a kernal driver imo, i get no warnings or messages.

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    This might not apply. But the update page contains recommended updates as well as critical updates. Did you install only the critical updates? Or the recommended updates also? The recommended updates can cause problems like you described. The recommended updates are very condition specific. And should only be installed if you're experiencing that exact problem. If this isn't your situation, might help others.

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    no i only installed critical updates, i've had bad experice to with the recommended updates so i dont touch them unless like what you said only if your exact problem is in their.

    k dr wastson tells me this in the event manager

    The application, C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe, generated an application error The error occurred on 05/17/2003 @ 18:39:04.171 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 77F51D24 (ntdll!RtlpUnWaitCriticalSection)

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at


    The shell stopped unexpectedly and Explorer.exe was restarted.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    wtf is is this ,after you take critical updates you get this shit and microsoft want you to buy their products lmfao

    so what update do i need to take out to get rid of this?

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    ok beware all you xp pro corp users after you install this version their is 20 critcal updates to get
    and i would avoid downloading any 1 of them till i figure out what 1 is causing these computer problems

    their is 1 or 2 critcal updates that is killing my computer making it randomly just refresh and norton dissapears from the taskbar caused by explorer errors it can happen @ anytime and on any file and i no its an update because i've reformated and have just put xp pro sp1 back in without getting any updates and my computer runs gr8

    soon as the updates are installed it just fooks up so now i going to install them 1 by 1 to see what update is the actual cause.

    also my cousin who just runs xp pro without sp1 included is having these problems 2 he used the keychanger to get all the updates and now his computer is doing the same, so its not a hardware problem but a critical software update problem.

    could microsoft be lying about critical update fixing!! saying some bullshit that the update does this but does something else.

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    Huh... I'm using the Reformation release of XP+SP1 right now. The first thing I did after installing it was grab the critical updates, and I've had no problems whatsoever...

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