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Thread: Gta Vice City

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    I have got 90 hidden packages but can't find the rest, has anyone got all 100 packages, if so could you email it to me.


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    can u email me ur saved file plz thanks.

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    What will happen when u get 100?
    What happens in GTA3? Nothing? Just that you get a Žnew wep by the house?

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    when you get 100 packages you unlock a Comanche / army type helicopter, or so it says on various sites.

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    You do it will Appear in the Army base, and also appear on a heli pad quite close to the Pole Position club once in a while.

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    ok, i have started again, from scratch. I am using a map from the internet to find them all, but still on there are some that i can't find, if anyone who as the map here is a list of numbers that i cannot find, so far:


    Gta Vice City Map

    I have only done the 2nd island, the film studio island and half of the golf course.

    Please Help, when i have all 100 hidden packages i will post it on some sites.


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    The map doesnt work....

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    Sorry about that, it is working now.


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