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Thread: XFPS 360 Final Testing Completed (Keyboard & Mouse)

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    XCM announced today that its engineering team has reached an important milestone in the development of the XFPS 360.

    It is with great pleasure that we announce final testing of the XFPS 360 has been completed successfully! Please refer to the image below as a testament to the completion of the XFPS 360 and one of our engineering staff happily firing away. Full stock of the XFPS 360 will be shipping to retailers very soon, but until that time comes wed like to quench your thirst with an important announcement: The XFPS 360 is fully customizable!
    Weve been literally inundated with masses of e-mails inquiring whether users can create their own custom button configurations in addition to the default setting. The answer is a resounding yes!

    humbug! now I need to get this if I want to play GOW. available at including Brits. 50 argh.


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    'bout freakin' time! great news!
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    Had a look at this the other day, must say I am considering it...

    Think I will wait for some reviews first.


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