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    Is there a programme that can fade the beginning and the end of a track?

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    Have a look here you might find what you are looking for.

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    If you use Winamp it has fading built in
    If u use 2.91 for example, do the following.


    then highlight the DirectSound output v2.26 [out_ds.dll]

    click on the Configure box below.

    The Output Settings box should now be up

    Click on the middle tab "Fading"

    Now you'll see a box with

    on start
    on first start
    on end of song
    on pause/stop
    on seek

    highlight each one in turn, and use the box below to Enable each one as desired. You can also customize the fade time.

    Click OK and you're all set.

    Hope that's been helpful.

    PS - When you close the Winamp Preferences box, the DirectSound output should be the one still highlighted, as that's the one that will be used for output.

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    I think also Nero will let u fade in and out with wave editor

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    yeah i think it can. didn't even think the guy was talking about burning CD's lol, do'h me. but for playing mp3's or CD's on your PC through your stereo, Winamp works well.


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