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Thread: LOTR online

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    Stupid stupid stupid

    Downloaded LOTR B4ME andwas going great after i learnt where to put a patch. So i go to go online for the 1st time ever, it says i need to download something and automatically downloaded stuff so i could go online. Said it was successful.

    Now when i go to play, it says i need to insert 1st CD into the disc-drive.

    Can anyone tell me what i need to do...i got really far on solo player and dont want to reinstall.


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    You need to insert 1st CD into the disc-drive

    You cannot play online if you downloaded the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E} View Post
    You cannot play online if you downloaded the game
    Like he said get the CD, if not possible then a crack would be advisable to play SP.
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    If you have a legit cd key you can use a image from game copy world (google it) to play the game online.

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    Im playing this game... Use the CD 1 and get cd key from


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    I dont have any Cd, as i donwloaded it. It was all in one file, not spilit into differnet CDs.

    The Readme file had a list of keys to use to initially register, but when i went onlne, it donwnloaded sometihng and then wouldnt let me play the game until i inserted disc1, which, again, i dont have, so i had to reinstall the game.

    Any ideas?


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    you cant play a game online without a legit key...

    and most of the time you cant play a single player cracked exe if you just patched it. unless of course there is a crack for the patched version =/.

    if you are planning to play a newer sorts of games online i suggest you buy them.
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