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Thread: Question! Whats So Great About Screeners?

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    I'm new here and i keep seeing everyone say "wait for the screener" well whats so good about them?? Also i saw a X2 dvd rip, and i wanna dl it, but its a HUGE file and i wanna know, is it really dvd quality? and if so, how when the dvd isn't even out yet? Thanks guys as i said, I'm a n00b

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    yes it is really dvd quality

    where did u see xmen2 screener
    most probs a fake

    and if so, how when the dvd isn't even out yet?
    its a screener sent to press judges of award ceremonys and stuff like that

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    so the screeners are dvd quality?

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    There are two types of screeners, DVD-Screeners and VHS-Screeners. DVD is higher quality than the VHS screeners.

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    Screeners are usually better quality than the cam/telesyncs that first hit the web. DVD screeners are going to become less rare, since the industry is cracking down on piracy. Probably won't hear about too many DVD screeners until Oscar time again.

    Screeners are also sent to video stores for evaluation. Not every movie sells in every market, so screeners are sent so that video store owners can preview a film, to see if it will rent (make money) in their area. B)
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    Yes indeedy, DVD screeners are DVD quality...cuz well theyre DVDs...LOL. Anywho the only difference between them and the real DVD is that they usually have text that appears every now and then saying something like, "For your consideration". Other than that though they beat telesyncs and cams hands down.

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    Ok thanks


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