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Thread: Sneak Preview of The Venice Project - Screenshots

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    Here is a preview of what The Venice Project is all about

    The Venice Project is a P2P application developed by the founders of Skype and Kazaa.

    Although not without its problems these will hopefully be weeded out by the end of the Beta testing period.

    It does look extremely promising with some great shows to watch. It will really give those satellite and cable companies a run for their money.

    Source: Sneak Preview of The Venice Project

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    This is very interesting. Its always good when the cable & satellite company monopoly has some competition thrown its way. I remember hearing some news that the FCC wasn't happy with the current situation with cable companies and how expensive their fees currently are. To remedy this the FCC is considering making it easier for competitors to enter the market, but I don't know if this will actually produce any worthwhile results. It is encouraging to see developments like "The Venice Project" provide a way of opening up the market a bit.


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