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Thread: Hey! Tell 'bout these sites PLZ !!!!!

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    Hi! I'm, like many others, constantly being offered fairly unknown, yet highly-regarded trackers, but don't have any info about them....Can anyone, especially those registered to the respected sites, reveal the following information:

    1. URL address ???
    2. Number of registered members ??
    3. 0-day? (SCENE) or specialized content?
    4. Invite system ???
    5. English ?? ...... if not, what's the primary language ??
    6. brief description (wait times ??... ratio friendly ?? .... atmosphere of community/forums, etc.)

    Rabbit ???
    revolt uk ???
    czone ???

    BTW, I'm offering WildBytes and/or Sharereactor.RO; Are any of the unknown trackers worth swapping with the ones I have ?

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    Alot of the highly-regarded trackers as you put it dont like to have much of their information given out freely. If there is any information about them you will most likely find it here.
    or here
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