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Thread: Anyone heard Nas's new album?

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    Its pretty decent..its a good change from Lil' Scrappy.

    Hes got a good track with Kayne West on it. Check it out if its your genre.

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    yo its good shit

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    Its alright, it is better than a lot of other stuff out there, the new Clipse album has really grown on me lately.

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    it was just ok for me, i only like some of his songs. so i dont know if im a good judge.

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    I thought it was ok.. it's no new Illmatic, not that i ever thought that it would be but anyway..

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    It takes a while for the album to grow on you...sorta like God's Son. I hope he gets DJ Premier on his next album.

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    Yea, its hella better than that Lil' Scrappy shit. God that crap is horrible ::ugh::


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