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Thread: Need Sct, Revolutiontt and Ftn..

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    Hi, i am interested in these sites. I have 4 invites on TL and that is all i can offer at this point. If any kind soul would be willing to invite me I would be very thankful.


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    Sorry to tell ya but that trade wont happen because TL isnt as good as those sites listed. ( in rarity value)

    If you get 50 posts and have a good ratio at TL, i will send you RTT invite for free. must not be spam posts as i can check your history.

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    You might get one for RevTT bud, I'd give you one if you could prove ratios, except I haven't been on that site long enough.

    For ScT or FT* - your simply never going to get one of those except for maybe the other. IN other words, if you had an invite to one of those sites, you might get the other. THats about the only way

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    Hi, thanks for the info guys, i have attached a picture that prove my ratio on TL, i hope this is what you were asking for. Thanks.

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    You might want to check again, or just post the url of the image. i dont see it anywhere...

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    Ok, try this url:
    Hehehe, i can't beat your ratios yet though:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barcodish View Post
    yep can see that now, thats not bad


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