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Thread: Crimbo Tips!

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    Do you give Christmas tips?
    like postman, Garbo man, etc etc

    if so, Who?

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    Tipping isn't a thing here like it is in England.

    Our postboxes are out by the front gate, if there's anything that has to be delivered that is too big, or requires a signature, we get a card telling us to collect from the Post Office, so we have no contact with the postman.

    Our garbage is collected from the road outside by a truck, we all use wheelie bins. So we have no contact with the garbo either. When I worked as a garbo in England there were seven of us to a truck, we had to take the bin bags out of the bins, stack them out front, and load them by hand onto the truck.

    As we don't have milkmen or bakers delivering to the house, we don't have anyone to tip there either.

    Australians aren't big tippers anyway. My son delivers pizzas after college and almost never gets a tip, even if it's just a few cents change.

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    I gave the dustbin men some beer this year,and I have done very well off my customers on me paper round this year.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    Barbarossa's Avatar mostly harmless
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    it's their fuckin jobs, why should I give them a tip

    Just cos it's xmas?

    fuck em'. No-one gives me a tip

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    We gave the Binmen some lager. The Postman got a bottle of wine. Paperboys got double their usual tip.

    That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gripper View Post
    I gave the dustbin men some beer this year,and I have done very well off my customers on me paper round this year.
    Nice one Gripper.
    when I was a postie I got on average 300 squids, damn hard work at crimbo time being a postie, I had some great customers that always invited me in for a hot drink and if I was lucky I got a biscuit as well
    My round was split into two, one half the town run the rest was residential and I got more tips from the residential area than the shops.
    it's nice to be appreciated and the Money was well Handy

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    Our postman is a cunt. So are the binmen.


    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    Mine is not much better mate, damn twat was shoving my mail in without opening the flap first, so all my post had a good concertina effect, my radio ham mags that are not cheap all fecked up, so i had to put a big post box at the back of my house and sealed up the damn letterbox so he could not do it anymore.
    The Garbo person is ok, not had a prob at all.
    some people just cant do the damn job right.

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    my postman is a cunt. i ordered a record online and the twunt folded it in half to put it hrough the letter box.
    there's two things in this life i hate; 1. Cultural discrimination and 2. Gypsies

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    That's a typical example mate, it was on the tv the other day about stuff being damaged and going missing,
    I think the modern day postperson/s are a Lot of "tea leaves"
    or is that tea bags


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