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Thread: freezing games

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    I just got my new RMA'd graphics card & installed it. I also installed a pci case fan to help keep it cool. I installed the newest driver from Games seem to play perfectly with anti-alising etc turned on. The only problem is when I try to turn a game OFF it makes my pc lock up and I have to flip the power switch or save my game & then end it's process in the TaskManager. Any idea why I can't end my games without freezing? lmao!! This is such an ironic problem. I also tried omega drivers but had the same problem. I couldn't install an old driver cuz it gave me an INF Error.

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    Does it with all games?
    What ones?

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    It seems to do it with pixel shading or just heavy shader games not older games.

    Half Life 2
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 4

    I think Tomb Raider Legends, too. I could exit GTA San Andreas ok tho & Medal of Honor Allied Assault. That game is low shader model tho, something like 1.1. If I only go to the menu and leave it's ok but if I go into the 3D world and then try to leave it freezes. It's fine as long as I'm playing tho.


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