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Thread: problems with FLASH FXP

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    1. Im using flash to download completed torrents from shell. The problem is that

    a. After completing 20-30 % od download, it shows new screen in which its informing me that the file im downloading already exists at my pc, and therefore next question is if i wanna rewrite it or cancel download. Thats strange cause there was no such a file at the specified location, so dont know what the hell its all about....
    -when i pick option 1 (rewrite) the whole process goes on and on again (after 20-30% its asking me again the same stupid question)
    - when i pick option 2, the whole download goes to hell, its cancelled

    In that way i cant download anything at all from that shell(((((((((((((

    b. second problem which occured is low download speed. I will show it on 2 examples:

    1. FLASH FXP: max downl is 20-30 kB/s, and its not very regular speed, very often its at 0 kB/s. And that disadvantage of not completing the downl process which i already explained

    2. WINSCP3 : when i use that ftp client, im able to finish my downloads every tiime, BUT max dl speed here is always 13kB/s (!!!!). And it freezees quite often, but thats not bothering me that much........

    please folks heklp me out

    my OS is: WIN MCE sp2, + Kaspersky iintenet security 6
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    is it ok on other ftp clients?


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