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Thread: New and Another basic question?

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    So I've just started getting into this whole torrent thing. Had been using Limewire. Now I mainly use it for music. Though it's hard to find what I want at times. So many bloody sites...

    So I see all these private sites and how everyone seems to go nuts over invites. So I registered with a private site - one you can only do it on Fridays -(Am I allowed to mention the name?) and well thought I'd be able to find more files but not espicially so.

    Why is a private site better than all the public ones?

    Just trying to work out whether to spend the time pursuing all these invite/private sites.

    Thanks for any tips. Sorry if this question has popped up before. Did a search but couldn't find what I was after.


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    well, I'm also pretty new in the whole bittorrent thing, but I think I can still answer your question.

    First of all, yes, you can say the name of the tracker... (you said it's only open for signup on fridays so I'm guessing it's Demonoid)

    Second, the advantage of private trackers is the great d\l speeds they provide. It's true that they usually have less files than public trackers, but they're a lot faster.

    BTY, if Demonoid is really the tracker you signed up to, don't expect amazing speeds, it's not a very fast tracker.
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    Yeah demonoids pretty much a public tracker so you wont notice much if any difference, if musics what your after then try and track down an oink invite; youll be impressed and its definately worth the effort to find one. Id send one your way but one of my invitees cheated so they got taken away

    If youve vaguely heard of any of these bands then pm me and ill hook you up with a tracker for obscure music noones heard of. Not alot of point if you havent since youll have no idea what to download...
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    actually i think demonoid is really good. but i dont have that much experience with it. i hear oink is the best for music, and ive been trying to get in for a long time but so far no cigar.

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    Thanks peoples. Music is definitely what I'm after. So this Oink thing seems to be the one. I joined this site ages ago but have just started using it again and I think now have clocked up 5 posts so I can access the invites section?

    So is Oink kind of exclusive? Will have to keep on haslling to try and get an invite?

    Yes Demonoid was the site and yeh it diidn'e seem that fast, nor the music selection that great.

    Well at least I'm on the right path. Will now try and check out private sites. I have ADSL 1500k but the speeds I get with Azureus aren't as fast as I should be getting.

    Thanks SneakyDave. I havn't heard of those bands but if I get stuck I'll drop you a pm.

    Cheers everyone

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    what obscure tracker where you talking about?


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