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Thread: Think before you wave

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    A few weeks ago i was walking my friends Dog,
    And as Dogs do, it had a shit, so I had to pick it up in a poop bag,
    fecking job.

    Dog lead in one hand and bag of poo in other,
    then I see my mate Big Mike driving up the road, so not thinking before i waved I started waving a bag of poo at him,
    And Mike being a pro wrestler "UKPitbulls" I felt so embarrassed.
    That has to be one of the worst things i've ever done, and to this day i still laugh about it.

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    Lol you held a bag of poop
    The Homicidal,Suicidal,Genocidal

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    one time me and my buddy were smokin some weed....i decided it would be funny to act like i was gonna smack him in the face with a dumbbell i had, well i forgot i didnt have the lock on the end and a 10 lbs weight went flying of and smacked him right across the goodtimes.

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    Be glad the bag wasnt open =X


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