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Thread: Free Invites: TL

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    Okay, I finnally got my TL invites, so I'm offering 2 of them here.

    You know the deal:
    1- Don't PM me, I'll PM you.
    2- Post pics of your ratio(s) here.
    3- Don't post your email here, I'll PM you if you win asking for it.

    That's it! You may begin, I'll PM the 2 winners sometime later. I'll pick the winners based on good ratios, users in the trusted trader's list have priority and if you don't comply to any of the 3 rules I stated above, you are automatically excluded.

    Note: If I pick you and you end up getting banned in any way (due to cheating, low ratio, etc.) I'll make sure you're banned from this site and any others I find necessary, so I'd advise you not to ask for an invite if you're a cheater, or if you aren't planning on maintaining a good ratio.

    Aye, that's all. Good luck

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