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Thread: i got my FTN account hacked, how can i contact FTN?

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    Jun 2006
    i tried to access my FTN account and it said the page is "unautorized".
    i tried via proxy and it said my account got disabled.
    a day later, i got an email with a password reset confirmation from an unknown IP!

    now i don't have an account and i got hacked. my real email is still there so...what can i do?

    i must talk to an op, if anyone is an FTN member and can help me contact an OP i will be eternily grateful!


    plz send me a pm \ message to my email\msngr (same address):

    thank you very much, pyr0

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    have you tried ftn(real link)/recover.php ?

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    yeah surely if you tried to recover it you would be sent the password and then you could change it.

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    yes i tried everything.
    including recover.php.

    i got the password!
    but i can't log in because its disabled.
    i have no idea why (i never ever cheat!!)

    so, can anyone help me? give me the IRC channel \ help me talk with an OP?
    do somthing...please!

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    don't know if it helps, cause your account is disable.. but this are the details.

    Ports: 6667 and +7000 (SSL) (make sure when connecting on it use the "+" before the port 7000 (Example: /server

    Invite to our channel: Go to http://f******.net/my.php and scroll all the way to the bottum where it says 'Set Irc password' and set the password you would like to be invited to irc as (Note: Please do not use the same password for both IRC and the Site & ONLY use your site nick for IRC or else you wont be able to invite yourself), once you have set your password, hit the Submit Changes! button and it will say Profile updated!.. now just go to the status window in your irc client that is connected to our irc server & type this command, /msg ftn-bot invite yourpasswordyouchose and press enter, if you have typed your correct password and the correct command, you will recieve a notice from FTN-BOT saying '-FTN-BOT- Invite Successfull', now just join the channels your invited to & your done!

    If you don't have SSL then you will need a client that supports SSL.

    Just download the SSL files from here & unzip it into your mIRC directory.

    Registering your nick.

    Register: /msg nickserv register yourpasword youremail
    Identify: /msg nickserv identify yourpassword

    For a Vhost join #vhost & read topic.

    For site-related support, please join #ftn-support. FTN-BOT will not invite you to the channel, you will have to join yourself for some obvious reasons. Feel free to join and help out.

    By default, you are invited to #F******.Net (main) and #ftn-pre (pre). you can select which channels you want to be invited to in your profile.

    We now have 4 servers, 2 usable to users.
    If you prefer to use a server closest to your location, you have to options: is located in the US for those of you on this end of the world is located in NL for those of you closer to that area of the world

    Or if you're unsure, you can still use and you should be load balanced on either one.


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