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Thread: Newsservers not working help!!!

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    i am using nzb-o-matic and i tried to connect to the free payservers posted by ike and they all keep saying waiting and its not conencted. what could be the problem. im all new to this btw

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    Either you're never reaching the server, or its not there anymore to be reached. I'm not sure which servers specifically you're trying to connect to, but many free servers tend to disappear quickly. Your ports might also be blocked, either by your router, or even ISP.

    Try a different port. I've never tried NZB-o-matic, but Im sure there is an option to do so. Try 23 or 25.

    You may also want to try yottanews and their free servers - its limited to 16KB/s and 1gig a month, but it'll let you see if you're doing things correctly.


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