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Thread: bitsoup i need help :\

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    Dec 2006
    i`m trying to recover my account but when the confirmation mail comes here the massage that it tell`s me:
    Not Found

    Sorry pal

    what to do :\?
    i had there 6.X Ratio :\

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    You mean you recover your pass right. Did you try it again ? did you acc be disable or something?

    You can go to their IRC channel and talk to the staff: irc://
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    when i`m clicking on the confirmation link yeah...
    and i tried 5 times it ain`t working :\
    and 10x for the irc channel i will try there

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    If you have no success in the irc channel msg me with your username and I can msg one of their staff.

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    maybe send e-mail to thw admin

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    creat new account


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