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Thread: Cablenut, Tcp/ip Optimizer ?

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    What optimizer do you use for your connection?

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    I have some news for you i send a pm.Stay tune.

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    first link on the page. It also has guides on how to do it in your registry.

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    i am a very satisfied user of cablenut

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    Those 2 are pretty good if you got a stable and "normal" ADSL connection. I'm in Australia and I have to say for one that the ADSL service here is crap. TCP/IP OPtimizer screwed up my modem because the MTU speed here was too low for what they have recommended. So if you live in Aus, don't try this optimizers yet. About the dll's on I haven't tried those out.

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    Originally posted by Icebound@18 May 2003 - 05:25
    i am a very satisfied user of cablenut
    what has cable nut done for you ?

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    my upload is faster and i get over 90% of my total throughput potential

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    i loss my connection lots of time
    i am using intyernet then few min or hrs when i come back i see ma connection is death but there is no sign of disconnection but still i cant brows or d/l any thing
    i have routed internet connection

    plz its bugging me too much my fucking isp dosent know wat is happing so it tell's me its becuz of ur norton anti virus

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