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Thread: Diablo 2 Needed

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    I need classic Diablo 2 disc 1 and 2, if someone can send them to me on msn or aim, or have me download it from there ftp, or give me an actual working sig2dat for kazaa i would be eternally grateful!

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    your best bet is to download them using edonkey. there are plenty of sources and downloads usually go pretty quick for those files. i guarantee that's where you can find these files. as far as i'm concerned, there are no files for diablo 2 on kazaa lite. you can search for hours and all you're gonna be able to find is diablo 2: lord of destruction, and 2 installers for the original diablo that is a shareware installer (you can only play as the barbarian) and the other does not work. you can find verified links, but be prepared to wait a couple years to ever get the files downloaded. there are not enough sources on kazaa lite to get these files so don't waste your time.

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    Thanks mon im downloading it from there right now its just extremeley slow, weird it having lots of sources...

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    if not jsut buy it.. .games only like 5 bucks :\

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    Its around $50-60 here.

  6. Games   -   #6 and then go to the new files. on 15 may Diablo 2 and the expansion. Still in my traffic list, It just can't find anny sources.

    Were do I get edonkey??? And does It contain spyware???

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    Originally posted by Stonecoldfreak1@18 May 2003 - 10:22
    if not jsut buy it.. .games only like 5 bucks :\
    hey stoner been awhile since you paid for any games eh>>>>>>>>>


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