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Thread: 'Gears Of War' Named Year's Top Video Game

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    The science-fiction shoot-'em-up "Gears of War" was named best the best video game of the year in the United States by GameSpot.

    The Microsoft product was cited for its ability to challenge the skills of the players and its "stunning" graphics, which also earned "Gears" a best technical graphics and best multiplayer award.

    The digital Delta Squad that does battle in "Gears of War" was named "Best New Characters."

    "Gears" topped other finalists "Bully," "Final Fantasy XII," "Oblivion," "Twilight Princes," "Viva Pinata," "Okami," "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas," "Elder Scrolls IV," and "The Legend of Zelda."

    A GameSpot release this week said an offering called "GTR 2" was the "best game nobody played."

    GameSpot readers' choice of top game will be officially announced on Jan. 27.


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    w0w, i really need a 360. to bad i'm determined to letting the ps2/nds being the last console i ever buy. a bit too hasty? meh, i WILL get a 360 once all is 100% backwards compatible with the games "I" have.

    lol, i saw this one cummin' though for everyone i know that has a 360 has THIS game!
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