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Thread: Encspot Pro Mp3 Analyzer

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    I put a link for this very hard to find program in software world
    It finds the errors in your mp3 collection without you having to listen to every song.
    Pro version also finds sync errors(pops and such) and shows you where in the song it is and even plays the error back for you.

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    Yep.....have used EncSpot for a couple of years now.Too bad the guy behind it quit the project.

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    Yup too bad
    And no one is able to find him either.
    I looked high and low and finally found the pro version.
    The basic version is still all over the place.
    Since he is no more you can't buy the pro version even if you wanted too.

    It won't work without the code so pm me and i'll send it to whoever wants it.

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    I am bumping this topic, as it references a very helpful and necessary utility for anyone who enjoys the MP3s.

    So you've downloaded some MP3s and you want to know how good the quality is, but going through each one individually can be a hassle. Your problem is solved with a free piece of software called EncSpot by Guerillasoft.

    EncSpot can tell you what encoder was used, the bitrate, whether or not the song appears to be complete, and gives a quality index rating.

    It is an awesome utility, and it can quickly show you the quality of your MP3s directories at a time. Use it to delete all those Xing 128 MP3s from your hard drive!

    Many people have been asking how to tell whether or not an MP3 was encoded with LAME's alt preset standard switch.

    You can't tell directly, but by using EncSpot you can identify certain characteristics that all LAME alt preset standard MP3s have.
    *Above quote taken from Chris Myden dot com

    EncSpot can be directly downloaded HERE.
    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    As you can see, there is lots of green in the above picture under the quality column. Since green represents good quality and I'm encoding with Lame, it can only make sense. Of course, this color does change: red for bad and yellow for fair.

    In my opinion though, EncSpot should never give a Xing encoded file anything above a red no matter how high the bitrate, or even if it may be a VBR file. Unfortunately, Xing does "earn" a yellow with EncSpot if the bitrate is high enough, which I disagree with 100%.

    As you can see above in the picture, there is a column called "Bad Last Frame". What this is when it registers as a yes, is that the MP3 has gotten irregularly truncated, either by accident or on purpose.

    I urge everyone to use the program to analyze every MP3 album/track with this program before adding them to your shared folder.




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