So many Americans got iPods during the holiday season that owners had to put up with delays on the iTunes Internet store as they searched for new music.

As people across the United States rushed online to fill up their new iPods with music from the Web site, they encountered delays up to 20 minutes, the Detroit News reported.

Macworld magazine editor Dan Frakes said such delays are typical of the busy holiday season. He recommended new iPod users draw from their current musical collection in the meantime.

"Three-hundred and sixty-four days of the year iTunes works fine, but you had tens of thousands of people who just got new iPods, all trying to connect to the iTunes store and download songs at the same time," he said. "Your best bet is to rip CDs from your own collection now and wait a few days to download from iTunes."

Customer service operators at Apple, which makes iPods and operates iTunes, has also experienced heavy demand, the newspaper said.