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Thread: What Is The World Of Entertainment Gonna Be Like?

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    Ok, we are predicting things that will happend 5 years from today - MAY18,2003

    well, we are only gonnna talk about entertainment/leisure related stuff, coz u dont wanna go into factories, manufacturing, hi-tech, medicine all those stuff

    now entertainments include stuff like : travel & tourism, electronic games, movies, TV, Radio, Internet, cell phones, clubs, musical record and so on

    so just expand your creativity, and come up with your logical predictions about what would happend for the above entertainments 5 years from now.

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    in the year 2008
    1 - game boy is online
    2 - cellphone is conected to cable TV and capapble of online shopping
    3 - labtop may be come much much thinner, but still powerful enough for DVD-RW
    4 - ripping movie including the extra features in the DVD can also be ripped and placed in one file

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    Mobile Phones will be able to answer themselves, make your dinner, have word processing on it, have a swiss army knife and a big hand will come out and slap you when you forget your mum's birthday.

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    IPv6 will become the normal standard for connecting to the internet.

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    clothing that will vibrate and shock you while you game........or watch porn.

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    Virtual Reality will still be a dream - because it'll cost so damn much

    Z-Box will become incredibly powerful and smart - it will also be flurescent yellow and shoot green lasers in every direction. Bill Gates thinking: 'no we'll never need that' (again), will not bother to make 'the empathy chip', so the Z-Box will randomly kill people because it thinks its fun.

    Cable will become cheap and affordable - at the same time as file sizes go up and Broaderband is invented

    Hollywood will be just about finishing off its fixation on comic book characters, remakes, and XtrEamE! action movies
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    Worst, more expensive products... And even more agressive towards us file sharers

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    RIIA and MPPA launch a filesharing program: RIIA filessuck v.1.00.1 Ha,HaHa,Ha.


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