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Thread: Making A Cam?

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    I live in an extremely small town with a one theater movie theater. One a wednsday later night there might be like 3 people in there if that. And I was thinking it would be pretty easy to make a cam. Anyways, since I've been wanting to get a digital video cam anyways I was wondering what camera in your opinion would give extremely high resolution if done right? I was thinking with a small/medium size camera and a clip tri-pod (one of those small ones you clip to something (maybe the chair in front of me)) thats only like 8 inches tall it could be done rather easily. Anyways, I was just wondering what you guys thought is a good digital video camera for the job?

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    Well most ppl taht make cams are I think the people who work in the projection room so I guess yuo should bribe the dude (if hes a teenager) like 10-20 bucks and I am sure he'll do it, but make sure hes not a punk kid that will jack ur camera

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    Yeah, usually they have a 16 or so year old workin there. He would probably do it for some small cash. But what I'm sick of is all these crap cams. I know cameras are capable of MUCH better resolution and was wondering whats a good small digital one.

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    well if it cost alot of money, then it must be a good one. go to harvey norman and ask wich is there best dig cam, and if u have 5000$ + u will get a nice one =p .

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    I could probably spend a little more then a thousand on it.

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    It would even be better if you were a woman because then you could stuff the camera in your purse I think....
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    I have a coat I could easily hide a camera in. I already smuggle in all by food/drinks, a camera wouldn't be a big deal .

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    What you want is a camera that captures light the best. Multiple CCDs(charge coupled device) is a good feature. A quality camera will have 3 of them, 1 for each primary color(red, blue, green). This greatly affects the quality/brightness of the picture.

    Another is the audio. We all know how crappy that can be if using the built-in microphone on a camcorder. Ideally, you can get a direct connection. In a small town your theaters' equipment probably won't have this capability though.

    Trying to reduce the generational loss is your primary goal. That's why DVD(and VHS) rips are preferred.

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    I find that the next best thing next to of course screeners are telesync. The video is decent, the audio isnt all that though.


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