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Thread: Cd Copy Info/ Help

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    I need help. I'm trying to make a copy of my half-life: opposing force cd and I can't get the darn thing to read! I have been using Nero (works great for burning audio and video cds, but not for software copies grrr&#33 and after reading around on the forums I got CloneCD, from what I understood from all the praise it has been getting I thought it could be set to ignore the copy gaurds. But if that is the case then I missed it some where. So can anyone tell me how to make a legal backup copy of a disk that I own?

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    you should go to and download the latest clone CD version. Then just update your older version. If you neeed a key, PM me.

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    im gonna be using Nero to burn my first PC game. hope i have more luck then u.

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    thanks. I'll check it out. Hope it works.
    Just got it and it worked nicely, thanks Skyhawk! No more read fail errors!!


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