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Thread: stacking dvd player sideways, ok?

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    Is it okay if I store my DVD player sideways on the shelf?
    I want to hide it between the wall and my dresser. Would that be okay? Or would it be bad for the machine/dvd?

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    Probably fine for it but if you run it that way it might scratch your dvds or jstnot be able to read them...or it might be fine.

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    Look at how the drive tray looks.

    The ps2 was made to stand on its side and if you look at the drive tray, you can see the bottom of it (when placed sideways) has a scoop look to it.

    If you dvd player has a scoop look to it on the bottom side of the dvd tray when placed sideways, it was prob made to handle that.

    There are rumors of the xbox360 scratching discs when reading them while being placed sideways.

    But if I were you, it'd just sit it sideways watch a few dvds that I didn't care too much about. Check the discs after watching and if they look fine, then don't worry about it.
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