PC World magazine has compiled their top 20 picks for the most innovative products on the year. The winner? Microsoft Office 2007 some three spots above Nintendo's console of an underdog, the Wii. Virtualization software for Mac and Intel's Core 2 Duo processor also beat out the little white box in the innovation department according to the nerd publication, but the article does credit the Wii for ushering in "a new era for gaming." PS3 came in 16th on the list.

We would comment that Microsoft merely updated its old menu system used since the 3.1 days for Office 2007, but we won't. Or just did we? (We kid, Billy boy. We kid.) But seriously, where would you rank Wii in terms of being one of the most innovative products of the year?

UPDATE: The PS3 was also number eight on PC World's list of the biggest screw-ups for 2006. Can a screw-up still be innovative?

Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2006/12/28/pc...ative-product/