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Thread: Thinking Of New Burner/reader

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    Im thinking of getting a Lite-On but not sure if I should get the LTR-52246S or else wait for their new one that is probbly due to come out soon LTR-52327S, but im not sure.
    What do you guys think?

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    IMHO get the cheapest Liteon bout $43USD last I recall.

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    What is your idea about waiting?

    Both drives are rated 52x burn speed for CDR. Is it just because the new one has a rating of 32x burning speed for CDRW?
    The LTR-52246S is rated 24x for CDRW.

    I have never heard of CDRW media that can burn at 32x and how often will you use rewriteable CDs when CDR media is so inexpensive? So, in my opinion that faster rating is of no use. Don't wait. In fact if you can find an older model that is a bit slower, like 48x CDR burning speed, you might be able to save some money. Think about it... How much time longer will it take to burn a CD? Maybe 15 seconds... if that???


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