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Thread: The ONLY thing Google has ever made a mistake in....

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    Hello to all:

    This is what I have researched about google:

    The ONLY thing Google has ever made a mistake is letting DMOZ be an influential factor in it's business! Google needs to drop DMOZ like a bad habit and replace it with something in-house. Possibly creating it's own directory. DMOZ has to be one of the most corrupted and worst run directories in the world. Most editors join for the only reason of trying to get their sites or friend's sites accepted into the directory. All you have to do is look through the directory listings and it becomes apparent. For example, they say they don't accept sites with no original content and tons of just affiliate links, but take a few minutes to look through the directory and you find ones that do. In addition you find "doorway" type domains with no affiliate links, and they do have original content but their only purpose is to get listed into DMOZ and then link to the actual site that was intended to benefit from the listing. In addition these doorway type sites are never updated once they get listed and have the 1990's style designs to them. Another reason, DMOZ has had domains waiting to be listed for a long time....I've heard rumors of 2 years, not sure if this is true or not though. On the web two years is like 50 years in real life, things continually change and if you can't keep up then basically you shouldn't have that much influence, especially influence to the biggest Internet company (Google)!

    Should I keep giving more examples??? Hopefully someone points one of the high-ups in Google to this post as a little insight. I know they are probably aware of it, and I hope they really are, and are already in the works of doing something about it. But then again it could be something political as to why they haven't dropped DMOZ after many years, because it really is out of the ordinary compared to Google's history of really being on top of things!
    What do you think?

    Thanks for viewing
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    DMOZ is overated nowadays. although they pull alot of weight in pr and backlinks. Don't know if the editors are still active about postings tho.


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