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Thread: Participates In Klboards But Not In Kazaa Lite?

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    I've been wondering for a while now, because I'm definitely on of this people.
    I spend most of my time posting messages, viewing messages on the klboards but I realise I hardly log on to Kazaa Lite at all!! This could be due to a fact that I have phobias of seeing decimal download speeds and reminding me of the fact I'm being ripped off my my ADSL ISP .

    I begin to realise that I'm spending 6/8 of my 'kazaa time' on the forums then on kazaa lite itself. Now I think that's weird but I know there are people out there who are forum fanatics and participate in the forums but hardly know much about the program itself.

    Are you a klboard junkie? If you are post a reply, don't be shy!!

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    Yes I am.....this is my home.

    There are alot of us that don't use the Kazaa - Lite program but visit here.Why there is a section called "Other Related P2P Program Discussions".

    But if the name of this forum was to change to something else I don't think it would be the same around here.That is what it is too me is a name.

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    yeah, i've been avoiding K-lite too since i discovered The Home of the Underdogs and Astalavista.

    i don't find anything i want to d/l off Kazaa anymore.
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    music/movie junkie so kazaa is rarely turned off.

    When I have about 10 minutes between posts is when I've got kazaa and my newsreader running side by side. That kinda slows browsing down

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    ever since i have discovered the wonders of irc, newsgroups and even bittorrent k-lite rarely gets turned on however i can honestly say i have got k-lite running now as i am after blade which has been out for ages on the fastrack network so in this case k-lite is fastest but just look at the recent matrix reloaded rush, i was one of the first in the queues to get this on irc by the time i had it it was another hour before i saw it on bittorrent and emule of course with most new releases the time difference is not quite an hour but usually a little longer however as this was the matrix reloaded there was a major rush

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    I had to check if KL was still on my pc........

    And it was!

    I only use KL for apps i need, but in the future [when i have my new pc with dvd burner] i will use it again for d/l movies i guess.

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    You hit it right on the nose, RedRival!
    When I first discovered Kazaa/K-Lite I was dl'ing stuff day and night, just because I could, I guess. Now I'm far more selective and really only get files I really want or to fill requests from relatives or neighbors. I enjoy the forum much more and have learned a lot just cruising around in here. It's kinda like my car...I almost like working on/ modifying it more than I drive it.
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    i cant find anything to download anymore (anyone with some suggestions?....i cant have everything ), so i just stay here all day instead

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    There is always something to do on KL for me.


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