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Thread: A Question About Splitting

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    I use easy video splitter is there another prog which is better?

    ....because I ran into a problem with a movie I dl'd,. When I split
    the movie into two files, the first half came out fine, but the second half
    was missing about 40 min of the movie

    ....and yes I checked out the entire movie first to make sure it was "ok"
    ....and the movie was 8 mile

    wtf ...this is just not my day

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    thx for the link Darth

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    da moon
    use cine player to split the movie... U MUST make the first half as exactly 1 hour, and the rest as the second disc.

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    yet another prog I've never heard of.....

    thx huuramis :beerchug:
    I'll find, dl, and try cine player


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