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Thread: Windows Media Player Encountered An Unknown Error.

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    when i open the movie it says:

    Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error.
    Close / Web Help

    when i hit "web help" it says

    "Error# C00D11CD
    Sorry, no more help is available for this problem at this time."

    *but it played in the avi previeuw on kazaa lite?!,

    can annyone pleaze help me?!


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    have u installedthe full kazaa lite codec ? , if u havent, he do it, but if u have, then i dunno :s

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    Its problably a corrupted movie,open it up with GSpot and see if it tells you that some KB are missing cuz I had a movie which it said that it was missing some KB band I couldnīt watch it in any player but I could with AVIPreviewer.

    Try open it up in Virtual Dub and it would say something like "Reconstructing missing index bock (agressive mode)" and then use "direct stream copy" on both video and audio UNLESS you get a VBR warning,if you get a VBR warning,then use "full process mode" on audio or you can use Virtual Dub-MP3 and set both on "direct stream copy".

    But the movie you get after it,you canīt forward it,you can only watch it without jumping to a part or backward unless you do another thing which takes longer time.

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    i can open the movie in virtualDub, i'm now scanning for unreadeble frames...

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    it says:

    361 frames masked (1 frames bad, 360 frames good but undecodable)

    what do i have to do now?


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