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Thread: Capcom's makin' movies

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    Video games and movies frequently don't mix. Sometimes, movies pump out a Resident Evil, which goes on to produce financially successful sequels. Mostly, though, Uwe Boll ends up with them. Capcom is making sure none of that happens to their titles.

    Capcom is currently cozying up with Hollywood to turn more of its licenses into hit movies; and the other way around. Germaine Gioia, Capcom's new Senior VP of Licensing, is working to get Capcom more exposure in Hollywood. This way, Capcom games like Lost Planet could get decent showings on the silver screen and Capcom can work closely with studios to create games on Hollywood IPs ... which could allow them to work nicely together.

    Microsoft should take a page from Capcom's book in dealing with Hollywood (possibly getting together with arch-nemesis Sony to make it). By working closely with Hollywood, Capcom is taking a step toward making gaming a more socially acceptable past time. If the movies about games are frequently decent (not directed by Uwe Boll), we could see a loosening of political intolerance of the medium as Hollywood and politicians frequently are in lock-step. Plus, Capcom gets to make more money, which they aren't about to argue with.


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    meh, it all cums down to the director and his budget.
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    I know what you mean. I wish a decent director would get behind a video game based movie and finally release one that is a good movie.

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    not bad hope it better then Resident Evil


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