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Thread: Please someone help me with mirc

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    Ok so i downloaded Mirc and im new at it but everytime i try downloading stuff it tells me that i have a dcc pending and that i need to resume within a certain time. Well i dont Know what to do so plz someone help fix that problem.

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    I remember having this problem too awhile back. I think it's just go to Tools - Options - DCC - Ignore - and the method I have is Ignore only selected which I never have a problem with. Make sure the file type you might be trying to get is not in that file type drop down list right there, but I've never touched that before. Also make sure the Turn Ignore back on in: box is unchecked.

    If you continue to have problems receiving then it's prolly the bot you are trying to get it from, the prob is not on your end but the person trying to send it.

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    Like master said, probably a bot. This are exactly the type of things that made me go with Usenet. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you give it a try. Your ISP probably offers access to a usenet for free.


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