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Thread: Just Wondering...

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    What do you all do with so many tracker accounts? Do you give it a ratio and then stop using it and keep it just to have it? Seems that once one file goes on a tracker, they all get the same file soon after. How do you keep up with all your tracker accounts? Shrugs, just wondering =]

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    some people are only collectors, but others are trying to get some multiple good trackers just to trade them for something better...

    call me Smart, but that's just my instinct, 'cause i have no brain

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    i try to harvest invites to later trade them but i use them all @ one point or another

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul814
    What do you all do with so many tracker accounts?
    i only have 2, indietorrents and sct

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    i keep all mine in a box and take them out once a week to dust them and put them back in the box.

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    I just looked in my bookmarks, and I've got active accounts on 40 trackers atm. I try to visit them every two weeks and keep them alive by downloading a .nfo file or something. I only use about four trackers regularly, the rest are just backups in case something happens to the sites I use most.

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    i have about 15private sites i go on. Some are niche, others are general. I only really use about 6 of them though. Some i rarely use and only have less than 5gb up/downloaded but i visit the sites every few weeks to stay active on there just in case, as backup [they're all bookmarked so i open them up in tabs in FF and then close them again]. After a while, i sorta know which site i prefer to download and seed to and from so i can use trackers in phases. I dont care too much about becoming a PU ASAP or statistics. All i care about is that i have a postive ratio so i dont get banned really. I dont have the sites for trading purposes...i'm a member cos i just want to be i do have invites available on certain sites, but never give them out. Not cos i'm selfish or anything, but because its too much hassle. I love being members on my active accounts and dont wish to be banned or worry about inviting a cheater etc in. But if i really have to trade, i will.

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    I only use about 3 sites and get everything i need off em


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