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Thread: Easy Cd Creator 6

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    Can anyone post working copy of easy cd creator 6

    All current one's do not work due to error in cab file (1335)

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    well download it off the actul site the tial version and cough crack it

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    I have a working copy that is perfect. problem is, ECDC 6 has many bugs that need to be worked out by Roxio. They are releasing updates to fix these problems. I uninstalled 6 and went back to 5. Roxio should have many of the problems worked out by this fall........... I hope. I currently am on dial-up and will be returning to Broadband around July 1st. I will reload it when I get my speed back,.... otherwise it is sucking my piss-poor dial-up connection dry 24/7. The file that I got of ECDC 6 came from 1 single user at the time, which was about 2 weeks after its release. So I believe it is error free. The problems that I encountered were the same problems posted on the Roxio forum........... just program bugs. Be patient............ It's coming brother.


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