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Thread: Extending Digital Licensing

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    My local library system allows me to download audiobooks remotely. The entire audiobook is downloaded in .wma format with a license that lasts for 24 days. The collection that they have is quite extensive.

    I'd like to find a way to make the audiobook permanently readable, for my own purposes and for the purpose of sharing. Would something as simple as duplicating it into a different format do this? Any other suggestions on how this can be done?

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    burn it to a cd and then rip it.

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    The problem you'll have with burning to a CD is the size of the file.

    You can also use a program to record the audio output as its being played. Basically it'll record what you hear.

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    Is it larger than 700 mbs? burn it to dvd..or rip it to mp3 format

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    you can make it into a dvd or cd image then rip it to mp3 after mounting it with daemon tools or magicdisc. Bsgjunkies' solution would take too long.


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