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Thread: All The Speed Up Tips For Kazaa Lite

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    got slow downloads well then do this to get faster ones

    pause your download then go to the search bar then type in the files name onoce the search finishes go to traffic and resume it then go to search then click on auto search then search again. you'll find that some of the sources will go to your download . still slow then uncheck the number of users on the search bar then click on bandwith so it's highest to lowest . still slow then go to traffic then do some manual searchs or just highlight the download and press F11 repeatedly. still slow then cancel some of your uploads (cancel ones that are 0 participation level or the people that aren't sharin any files). still slow then phone your isp and tell them to turn up the gain on your line and that will also make your downloads go faster

    hope these tips help

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    Why you post this 3 times??n00b

    Tip known already,try reading before you post.

    Don't like the idea of cancelling uploads.

    We are a filesharing forum!!

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    Yes why cancel uploaded let let the 4 million people who are loggin at the time do this u wont be sharing much i guarntee u that.

    tripple posts???

    I think h Quardrupled posted actully for what i saw if thre is such word

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    hehe, i always enjoy reading new tips, thanks, every small tip has to help somebody out there.



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