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Thread: problem with imgburn

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    Can you help,i downloaded a rocky film from nzb file and when files extracted it was imgburn. So i put it through imgburn at x16, the speed of my RW,but it came up error after 37%,so i put it through x6 and it came up as error at 59%

    So i decided to put the film through at x1 and it seem to go through ok, than i get an error saying:

    Miscompare at LAB:225616,offset 5,File video_TS\VTS_01_1,VOD.

    Device 0xA3
    Image File:0x6D

    Total errors 2,018.
    can someone tell me what the problem is .


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    A miscompare error is where the data on the disc doesn't match the file. You can get them for many different reasons, but a few common problems are: A third party program like AnyDVD or DVD43 is changing the data on the fly - the burner has to perform alot of error correction when reading back the sector and gets it wrong - your computer has memory issues and is corrupting the data - you can actually get the error from bad CDs.

    If you were to post the entire error log it might be a little easier to narrow it down. I'd suggest closing 3rd party apps that relate to your DVD drive, run memtest, and maybe trying a different type of disc.


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