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Thread: Chargers and Colts the Ultimate chokers

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    will they both choke again??? I say yes and either the Fucking pats (fuck I hate them) or the side no one seems to wanna talk about the ravens will get in

    I reckon the Ravens

    the Media are too offensnce fanboy when it comes to the Colts and overrate this side far too much and every year the same thing happens

    Chargers do look good this year but the coach Marty fucks up a lot and I can see the Ravens one of the 2 teams to beat the Chargers to knock them out as the ravens have more balance

    the NFC I have no idea about they all suck Giants could get there on 8-8 for all I know

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    you just said it, the ravens will probably win the super bowl this year. no one is talking about how good they are or anything.


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