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Thread: still two hours to 07 in Tj

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    well, it's only 10pm here in Tijuana!,
    things seem pretty quiet right now but Im guessing people are just holding in anticipation for the new Year.

    What I mean by this is that here in Mexico we are allowed to be out in the street trowing as much 'Cuetes'(fireworks) as we want,
    so just a few minutes to midnight - you could say - hell is unleashed, and you find yourself in the middle of all the noise
    and all these big explosions from all the near neighborhoods fills your hears, and also you can smell the powder in the air, Im serius.
    The variety of fireworks and colors also is pretty... and then, at exact 12.00am, Wow, , ... its hard to put it in words,
    cus along with all the Cuetes, you can hear the cheer and screaming in celebration of all the families (and also the Borrachos, Lol and the music)

    Plus!, at the same time,
    if your house has a view of the beach and the San Diego area (California, US),
    you get to see the professional fireworks, courtesy of Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, and mey be some nice Hotels or Resorts Im guessing.
    So now, if you scuse me, I'll go out side.

    btw, actually now its less than two hours....

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    That would be a nice sight to see, worldpease.

    Happy New Year!

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    jump across the border when the fireworks distract the officals at the border.
    there's two things in this life i hate; 1. Cultural discrimination and 2. Gypsies


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