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Thread: Nero Can't Write To 99mb Cd's

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    sorry i put the title wrong it should have been 900mb

    Before i start i hate Nero it fucking sucks....

    Anyway my problem.... I want to put Scarface ( Top Movie ) on disk i have 900mb disks - 99 mins - Scarface is only 741mb so it should fit on to my 900mb disk....

    but when i go to burn it Nero tells my 900mb disk is to small...

    i then went and enabled overburn still it says my disk is to small

    i then downloaded the latest version of Nero and guess what - Nero tells me my disk is still to small

    iam at my wits end here i need series help is there any kind of programs that are made for burning 900mb disks or has anyone else had this kind of trouble before i would be greatful for any kind of advice...


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    Have you tried to make an Incd (Nero) DirectCd (Roxio); it formats the cd and makes it like a large floppy; then right click the file and send to the cd drive? Does your burner support 900 MB cd's.

    I prefer Alcohol 120, HERE is their site to check compatibility for your burner.
    Sorry Nero fans, dont care for Nero either.

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    What!! Nero rules
    It might be your cd burner doesn't support the extra long cds/needs a firmware update to work properly (u can search on the web, there are lists somewhere)? HAve u set the max overburn options correctly? (In preferences Expert features)

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    m8 dont use the wizard and set it to disc -once and finalize cd,no mutisession and it should burn the disc ok

    M8 to c if ur driv supprts o/burnin' goto recorder>choose recorder
    and it'll say on the left.

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    Yeah, but its not only importatn that it supports overburning, 99min cds are a special case. Some burners can write more data than others Check it here
    And for more info burning it:

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    Its gotta be your burner man, cus i read recently that nero was one of the only programs that can write 900mb or 99 min cd-rs.


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