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Thread: DO NOT Request Invites outside the correct section *OR ELSE*!

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    DO NOT Request Invites In This Section

    Requesting, trading or giving away invites for torrent sites is NOT allowed in this section.
    Requests or giveaways must be made in the BitTorrent Invite Giveaways and Requests Section only.
    Trading offers must be made in the BitTorrent Trades Section only. Please observe that section's specific rules.
    • DO NOT request invites outside the Invite Sections or you will be Banned for 2 days.
    • Those that repeat doing this will be permanently Banned from the site.

    To Read And Post In The Invite Sections
    • You must be a member at FST for 15days.
    • You must have made 5 productive posts.

    NOTE: After 15 days it takes an hour for your account to update.
    For more information about ranks read this thread.

    To report n00bs requesting invites click the report button.
    This button is located to the left of a post.
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