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Thread: Question about monitor

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    thinking about finally making the swap to lcd's over my old crt. with money constraints im focusing on atm. but i read that it doesnt have dvi support. my current vidcard is a evga 7900gt. it came with the dvi converters which i had to use with my crt monitor. just wanted to ask if this is all i needed for the lcd to work. dont wanna buy it and then be stuck with what i cant use. thanks for the help

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    u can use it. it'll cum with an adaptor. also, just to throw this in here, this monitor is a 19' with about the same brightness, 45% better contrast, 1/2 the response time, and widescreen for only $40 more. got that one for my mother for xmas and it's nice for a 19'.
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    I bought my lcd for some months ago, and i use the vga cable cuz for some reason it does not work ( i think it is the type of cable), try to get a lcd with DVI input.
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