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Thread: Writing Across X Men 2

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    Hey all, my copy of X Men 2 has writing across the screen like as an advert saying, 'good cracking....?'

    Ive seen it before, the way to get the writing off of the screen of to skip back like 1 second and its gone, but then it comes back about 5 mins later and it never goes off so you have to keep skipping.

    And then the audio is out of sync with the image when ya watch it, it sucks!


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    nop no way to get it off the screen unless you wanna spend hours editing it by hand

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    Hmm...what copy do you have? The best version out is the X2 TS-Centropy SVCD. No annoying text, and the quality is quite high.

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    nozzer, read that thread about the watermark, that is whats its from, i updated it for you.

    i used that to crack the elecard codec, and eventually i got that msg. you need to fully delete the elecard mpeg2 codec, then install the kilte codec pack, which has the ligos mpeg2 codec... but that codec wont work, unless the elecard one is totall removed from your system


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    thanx for the replys, i have all the codecs packs available, im not a newbie ive been on for years but i will look for the one with better quality.


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    and i will also try to delete that codec.


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